Precision medicine in Scotland

Professor Dame Anna Dominiczak, Vice Principal of the University of Glasgow presented at the TEDxGlasgow 2019 event recently, highlighting the role she sees for Scotland in precision medicine.  We have such a unique opportunity here, with our unified community health identifier (CHI) number that allows us to pull together health records of every individual from pre-birth to death, and the interactions between our academic institutions and the NHS.  Implementing precision medicine will impact everyone in the future, making our treatments more effective, while costing society less.  This is something Scotland can be immensely proud of.

Check it out here:

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The creation of the NASH Data Commons will provide a unified data system that promotes sharing of genomic and clinical data, forming the basis for a comprehensive knowledge system that centralises, standardises and makes accessible data. These datasets will lead to a much deeper understanding of which therapies are most effective for individual patients. With each new dataset added e.g. additional ‘omics’ data, it will evolve into a smarter, more comprehensive knowledge system that will foster important discoveries in chronic liver disease and increase the success of treatments for patients.

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