CEO at Precision Medicine Scotland

Marian McNeil

Marian is the Chief Operating Officer for Precision Medicine Scotland. She has a background in Business Development and Professional Relations working in large pharmaceutical companies, including Eli Lilly and AstraZeneca. She recently (2016) gained a Masters in Stratified Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation from the University of Glasgow.

She has extensive experience of the medical marketing interface for oncology pipeline products and has been part of a large multi-disciplinary team focused on development through to successful launch of targeted treatments for cancer.Lynn is currently managing the AstraZenca (AZ) Genomics medicine Partnership, FutureMS and SteatoSITE projects by developing and delivering effective project management, monitoring and reporting on activities and outcomes for these projects between multiple Scottish academic, NHS clinical partners, informatics companies, Industry partners, Scottish Enterprise and PMS-IC teams. Lynn has extensive knowledge and understanding of the regulatory requirements governing clinical research covering data collections, drug trials, service delivery and genomics.